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iRay Tube TH35 V2 3x-9x 35mm Thermal Rifle Scope - Industry-first ROUND screen thermal scope
iRay Tube TH35 V2 3x-12x Thermal Rifle Scope

iRay Tube TH35 V2 3x-9x 35mm Thermal Rifle Scope - Industry-first ROUND screen thermal scope

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Product Highlights

  • Detector resolution 640 x 512 / 12µm
    Lens 35mm
    Magnification 2.5-10
    Range 1800m

The TH35 V2 expands on the success of the TH35 with the addition of the optional LRF and built-in mic function, maintaining the excellent features such as 12um 640x512 sensor, 35mm optics and 2560x2560 1.03” AMOLED display.

The second revision of the thermal imaging Zfs Tube TH35 is better due to the updates and has become especially powerful.

As with all models, the classic 30 millimeter middle ear construction has been kept simple and functional to allow for easy mounting.

The shortcoming of the predecessor of the diopter adjustment has been resolved, now the diopter ring can be adjusted manually.

The vanadium oxide type heat source sensor offers an amazingly high resolution of 640 x 512 pixels, this viewer has an OLED screen, can resolve the photos and videos with 2560 x 2560 pixels.

The pixel size of the thermal chip is 12 microns, so that even the smallest temperature differences of the heat source can be displayed.

The objective lens measures 35 millimeters and can provide a field of view of 15 meters at 100 meters. The range is 1816 meters, both together resulting in enormous flexibility in the type of use. Whether for close-range or longer-range observations, the TH35 V2 is the right choice.

The operation is well thought out and self-explanatory, so that after a short time the user can routinely navigate the menus to choose his reference settings.

In terms of software, there are plenty of useful things, especially for hunting and game viewing. PiP (Picture-in-Picture) is an overlapping window that can enlarge a section without having to change the current observation position. In bad weather, such as fog, rain or snow, the Ultra Clear mode is used, which filters the image as best as possible.


Model TH35 V2
Detector Specifications
Type Uncooled Vox
Resolution, pixels 640 × 512
Pixel Size, µm 12
NETD, mk = 25
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Optical Specifications
Objective Lens, mm 35
Field of View (H×V), º 12.5 × 10.0
Linear Field of View (H×V), m at 100m 21.9×17.5
Optical Magnification, × 2.5 ~ 10.0
Digital Zoom, × 1 ~ 4
Eye Relief, mm 50
Exit pupil Diameter, mm 6
Diopter, D -5 ~ +3.5
Detection Range, m 1800
(Target Size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)
Display Specifications
Resolution 2560 × 2560 (1.03”)
Battery Power Supply
Battery Built-in battery / 6600mAh + replaceable 18500 battery / 3.7V
Max. Operating Time (22ºC), h* 8.5
External Power Supply 5V (Type C)
Wi-Fi / APP Support (InfiRay outdoor)
Photo / Video Recorder Support
MIC Support
Bluetooth Support
Operational Characteristics
Memory Capacity,GB 32
IP rating IP67
Operating Temperature, °C -20 ~ +50
Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo), Joules 6000
Compatible mounts Standard 30 mm rings
Weight (without the 18500 battery), g < 915
Dimension, mm 360 × 85 × 75

DRI Ranges

DRI stands for Detection, Recognition and Identification and is based on the widely used Johnson's criteria.

  • Detection Detect if an object is present
  • Recognition See what type of object it is (i.e. person, vehicle, airplane)
  • Identification For example see if someone is a friend or foe

Detection Recognition Identification

Rabbit 525 meters 131 meters 65 meters

Person 1847 meters 461 meters 230 meters

Vehicle 4472 meters 1118 meters 559 meters

In the Box

  • TH35 V2 Thermal Imaging Riflescope
  • Eyeshade
  • Mounting for Picatinny rail
  • IPB-3 portable bag
  • USB-C cable
  • Power adapter
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Heated target for zeroing

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