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iRay Xclip CL42 Thermal Clip-On Sights for use with Daytime Optics - 42mm lens, can be used with clip-on/monocular mode
iRay Xclip CL42 Thermal Clip-On Sights for use with Daytime Optics

iRay Xclip CL42 Thermal Clip-On Sights for use with Daytime Optics - 42mm lens, can be used with clip-on/monocular mode

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Infiray's Xinfrared Xclip combines the most important techniques to create a sophisticated product. It consists of high-quality germanium optics, a VoX sensor and parallax-free optics that guarantee reliable repeatability. It is connected to an easy-to-use software.

With the well-known concept of the Pulsar Core models, the Xclip also uses a collimated look. This small component, which is used instead of the eyepiece for mounting on day optics, ensures that the meeting point is held even when the mounting is not quite perfect. A magnetic switch ensures that the software also automatically switches to the attachment mode. No manual settings in the menu are required.

The latest version even offers 4 storage spaces for various meeting points. Usually this is not necessary, but it gives you the security that you can still use the device safely on all weapons if necessary. Another possibility would also be to store hit locations for different distances, for example.

A well-coordinated eyepiece is available for observation. You can also use the 2x and 4x zoom, which corresponds to approx. 3x-12x magnification.

A feature that sounds very simple, but was previously only found in observation devices and target optics is the stand-by mode. So you can switch off the screen extremely quickly and reactivate it, for example to set up the rifle again without scaring game through scattered light. The stand-by is also a real convenience when observing with the device.

The Germanium optics also impress with an aperture ratio of F1.0. Combined with the VoX sensor, you get a system that can detect even the smallest temperature differences and thus make it easier to respond.

The other key data such as 50Hz image frequency and USB port for the supply of power banks are also contemporary. It also has built-in sensors such as a compass, inclinometer and tilt meter and Bluetooth.

The running time is approx. 3 hours with batteries and 5 hours with batteries.

384*288,17µm VOx ,50Hz
Clip-on Mode:
42mm lens,magnification 1X,1024*768 OLED Display,  Eye relief 30mm,IP67
Monocular Mode
(with additional eyepiece):
42mm lens,Magnification 2.9-11.6X,1024*768 OLED Display,Eye relief 20mm,IP67


¦ Thermal imaging device
¦ VoX sensor with 384x288 pixels
¦ 4 memories for meeting points
¦ 3x optical magnification
¦ 12x digital zoom
¦ Detection distance 2100m
¦ Refresh rate: 50Hz
¦ Very easy to use
¦ Quiet adjustment
¦ Automatic, semi-automatic and manual adjustment
¦ Autonomous power supply and USB


Electronic Components
Resolution of the 384x288 microbolometer
Frame rate, Hz 42
Pixel pitch, µm 17
Spectral sensitivity range, µm 7.5… 14
OLED display
Display resolution, pixels 1280x960

Optical data
Magnification, x 2.9
Digital zoom, x 11.6
Lens F42 / 1.0
Focus, m> 5m
Field of view, ° 8.9x6.7
Field of vision, m / 100m 15.6
Diopter compensation, diopter ± 5

discovery distance
Discovery distance, m (human figure 1.7x0.5 m) 2100

power supply
Start-up time, s 5
Supply voltage, V 5 ÷ 7.2
2xCR123 dining elements
Battery life, 3-5 hours
external power supply 5V USB

operating parameters
Protection class (according to IEC 60529 standard) IP67
Operating temperature, °  -25 ... +50
Dimensions, mm 154x61x58
Weight (without batteries), kg 0.4

In the Box
  • CL42 thermal imaging optics
  • 3-fold eyepiece for manual operation with diopter adjustment
  • Screen enlargement attachment for observation device
  • Video and USB cable
  • Carry bag
  • 2x CR123 rechargeable Nitecore batteries
  • Nitecore charger
  • Clamping adapter not included
  • Warranty: 2 years
The Xinfrared CL42 is assembled using the tried and tested AD540 / ARM52 adapter from Rusan.

You may like to order the adapter from below link:

Customer Reviews

We've been testing this for several months now and I'm happy to say after some adjustments and improvements it has passed muster!

Unlike other front add ons, the Xclip CL42 optics are properly matched to the core and display and designed to present a true straight path through the device. This means that once it's set up it doesn't matter how it is attached to your day scope, the POI is constant! It can be many degrees off axis or indeed rotation and the POI is not affected.

I would say in terms of performance it's around the Pulsar 50mm territory. Because it's a front mount, the better your day scope is, the better the image is.

It's not a super long range foxing tool like the WT1 75-3, but I am happy to ID and shoot foxes out to 200 yards and have shot rabbits with the HMR out to 120 without any problems with image or accuracy.

This is ideal for professionals or estates who want a capable unit that can be fitted to pretty much any rifle from ratting to foxing and also used as a stand alone high quality handheld monocular when needed.

Perfect for using as a monocular when out stalking and then an hour after sunset convert it to clip on mode and put it on your deer rifle for some foxing.

Anyway here's the blurb...

"The Xclip CL42 is an extremely lightweight and versatile unit.

It can be used as a very small, very high quality, handheld spotter with 3x native magnification (up to 12x with digital zoom) or the eyepiece can be very quickly changed for front mounting to your rifle scope to convert it into a thermal rifle scope!

Due to the precisely designed and matched optics of the objective and eyepiece, the CL42 does not loose zero, or require exact mounting. It is also very lightweight at 420 grams. Dimensions are 154x58x61mm.

The units are factory preset and collimated but If there is any error due to the position of your erector tube in your day scope, this can be electronically adjusted out on the CL42 so your POI is the same with or without the unit.

The unit has a 42mm F1 lens system which is coupled to the latest 384x288 50Hz, 17 micron VOx thermal core to provide the sharpest image and sensitivity. This is then output to the 1024x768 OLED display. The unit has modes for standard conditions and also a high gain mode for fog and rain.

The unit is powered by 2 x CR123 standard or re-chargeable batteries, with a run time of up to 4 hours. The unit can be put into and woken from sleep mode with a quick press of the power button to conserve power.

When used as a clip on it is compatible with any day scope. We advise scopes with a bottom end magnification of around 3-4x maximum. In practical use it is possible to use 10x and more magnification on the day scope to precisely place the shot if necessary.

The unit is supplied with case, video/power lead, rifle mount eyepiece and monocular eyepiece. Also for a limited time we are supplying the required Rusan adapter to fit to your day scope free of charge. Just let us know the exact outside diameter of your day scope's objective lens."

These are in stock now for next day delivery at £3250 and that for a limited time includes a Rusan adapter to mount to your rifle scope free of charge (usually £145).


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