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Shenzhen Shiyutong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production, sales and service of night vision devices and monitoring systems for many years. Based on product cost performance and user experience, the company has many technical advantages in image enhancement. Professional research and development team, leading technology and technology customized to create an international high-quality night vision device brand.

Sytongs products are widely used in nature observation, outdoor hunting, outdoor exploration, security and anti-theft, sea operation, night patrol and other areas.

Sytongs innovation includes its first product the Sytong HT-60 in 850NM wavelength and 6.5x-13x magnification.

They have since released several other models of the HT-60 including the 3x-8x in 850NM wavelength, the 3x-8x and 6.5-13x in 940NM wavelength and finally the HT-60 850NM wavelength models in 3x-8x and 6.5x-13x with integrated range finder.

One of Sytongs most popular models is its clip on night vision device called the HT-66 with integrated 850NM illuminator.

This clip on device allows you to convert a daytime firearm with a riflescope into a night time firearm simply by clicking on the device. When not mounted to the firearm it can be used as a handheld scanner. This model is now also available with a integrated 940NM illuminator.

The next iteration of clip on devices is the HT-660 which has an even higher resolution image than the HT-60 and allows you to configure the device with external Sytong illuminators in either 840NM or 940NM wavelengths.

And finally the newest addition to the Sytong digital night vision range is the HT-77 which is a similar spec clip on to the HT-660 but has an integrated rangefinder. This is a first in the night vision world.

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Sytong XM03 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scopes with a Rangefinder and Ballistics
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