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Celestron Skyris 618M Monochrome Imaging Camera
Celestron Skyris 445M Monochrome Imaging Camera

Celestron Skyris 618M Monochrome Imaging Camera

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Whether you're an advanced user or a beginner, you'll love creating beautiful astroimages with the Skyris astronomical CCD camera. Capture the Sun, Moon, and planets like never before and create crisp, high-resolution images. Skyris cameras are the first to offer ultra-fast USB 3.0 connections combined with the most popular Sony CCD chips used for planetary imaging. Skyris also features a Celestron-designed camera body which helps dissipate heat to minimize the effect of thermal noise on the CCD.

Celestron Partners with The Imaging Source

For years, The Imaging Source has provided amateur astronomers with high-quality CCD cameras that elevate amateur planetary imaging from a casual hobby into an art form. The Imaging Source's astronomical cameras are known for high quality, value, and performance. Now, Celestron is proud to partner with The Imaging Source on the Skyris line.

Skyris 618C using the Sony ICX618AQA CCD Sensor

Some of the world's most advanced planetary imagers choose this Sony CCD sensor. It is perfectly suited for planetary imaging due to its speed, sensitivity, pixel size, and chip size. With the 618C, you'll be able to image up to 120 frames per second. You'll gather more data in less time, and capture brief moments of stable air to create the sharpest planetary images. This small chip features ample pixel size, making it the ideal match for long focal length telescopes like the Schmidt-Cassegrain and EdgeHD.


One-Shot Color

The Skyris 618C is a one-shot color camera. That means you can capture full-color images instantly. There's no need to spend time imaging the same target multiple times to capture different colors. You also won't need to invest in filters and a filter wheel, making the 618C an economical choice.

Included Celestron iCap Software

All Skyris cameras include Celestron iCap capture software and stacking software, for Windows systems only. iCap software allows you to easily control the camera, snap your images or movie file, and export them. Next, you'll bring your images or movies into the stacking software, where you can automatically filter the best images and stack them to create your masterpiece.

Included accessories: 1.25" nosepiece, iCap software CD, 10' USB 3.0 cable, instruction manual.

  • A/D Conversion  12 bit
  • Back Focus Distance  19mm with nosepiece
  • Exposure Range  0.005 to 10 seconds
  • Imaging Sensor  Sibt ICX618AQA Color CCD
  • Mounting  1.25" barrel and C-thread
  • Operating Environment  40° C to -40°C
  • Shutter  Global
  • Software Compatibility  iCap, IC Capture, DirectShow
  • Sub-Framing  Selectable
  • Power Requirements  Powered by USB
  • Camera Resolution  640 x 480
  • Sensor Size  4.46mm x 3.80mm
  • Pixel Size  5.6 micron square
  • Frames per Second  Up to 120
  • USB Cable  High-speed 3.0, 10' cable length


Designed for beginning and advanced imagers alike, the Skyris cameras are available in six different models.  Skyris will make you experience the sky from a completely new perspective as you create stunning planetary images in crisp, high resolution.  Superior internal components - including Sony imaging sensors and high speed USB 3.0 connections - create rapid exposures that capture stable air and dynamic 12-bit image output that outrage the 8-bit of standard planetary CCDs.  The external camera housing has been redesigned by Celestron for improved heat dissipation, thereby minimizing the temperature effect on CCD noise.  The included Celestron iCap software and stacking software aid with capturing, filtering, aligning, stacking, and exporting your best images.  Skyris comes packedwith the following useful accessories:  A metal 1.25" nosepiece and 10' USB 3.0 cable.


Skyris is available in six configuration, especially suited for these subjects:

618C and 618M: our fastest cameras for color and monochromatic planetary imaging with long focal-length telescopes like Schmidt-Cassegrains and EdgeHDs

445C and 445M:  small pixels provide detailed images for color and monochromatic planetary, lunar, and solar imaging

274C and 274M: the biggest sensor, field of view, and pixel array for color and monochromatic planetary, lunar and solar imaging


Using Celestron Skyris as an Autoguider

Equipped with Sony EXview HAD CCD sensors, Skyris cameras make excellent autoguiders.  The monochrome cameras are especially suited for autoguiding.  If used with a Celestron mount, simply plug the hand controller into the supplied serial cable and use a USB to RS-232 adapter (not included).  The camera works with popular software like MaxIm DL or freeware like PHD Guiding.  Other mounts work with a GPUSB available from Shoestring Astronomy to use with the same software programs, instantly turning your Skyris camera into a high-end autoguider that plugs into the ST-4 autoguider port on your mount.


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