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Meade 16" LX600 ACF Telescope with StarLock - No Tripod
Meade 16" LX600 ACF Telescope with StarLock - No Tripod

Meade 16" LX600 ACF Telescope with StarLock - No Tripod

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Part Number:1608-70-01N

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Product Highlights

  • 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA
  • 3251mm Focal Length, f/8 Focal Ratio
  • Ultra High-Transmission Optical Coatings
  • Advanced Coma Free Optical System
  • StarLock Alignment and Tracking System
  • Dual-Axis Motorized Dual-Tine Fork Mount
  • 7:1 Two-Speed Crayford Internal Focuser
  • AutoStar II GoTo Computer Controller
  • 145,000-Object Database
  • OTA and Mount Only - Tripod Required

This is a Meade 16" LX600 ACF (f/8) Telescope with StarLock which is sold without a tripod or a pier! It is intended to be mounted on an existing support (user provided) such as a pier or a suitable tripod.

  • The Meade 16" LX600 ACF with Starlock features a filtered cooling fan and offered without a tripod

  • The Meade 16" LX600 ACF with Starlock is a unique design with an integrated object finding and star tracking system built right into the telescope mount.

  • The LX600 ACF with Starlock enables you to pinpoint stars all the way across the field of view with the redesigned f/8 ACF optics.

  • The Meade LX600 ACF with Starlock has a completely redesigned mirror mounting system that achieves zero-image shift.

  • Featured with the Meade LX600 ACF is the Autostar II Controller that puts over 145,000 objects at your fingertips with the fastest go to performance around.

  • The Meade 16" LX600 ACF has large, high quality worm-gear drives in both axes which allows for smooth movements and is especially useful during long exposure astrophotography.

  • The Meade 16" LX600 ACF with Starlock by design communicates directly with the motor drives to lock onto its target with arcsecond precision.

  • The Meade 16" LX600 ACF with Starlock is a portable package that is easy to operate and makes taking great astrophotos a snap!

The Meade 16" LX600 ACF with Starlock is a complete astrophotographic package featuring an ultra-fast Advanced Coma-Free optical system, StarLock autoguider, and an optional f/5 focal reducer/field flattener which makes this one of the hottest telescopes on the market today. Not only does the 16" LX600 ACF with Starlock have some the best features and technology integrated into its design but it is also simple to operate and is travel-friendly.

StarLock: In the telescope mount of the LX600 you will find a unique integrated star tracking and object locator system. These features allow you to center your target perfectly in the field of view. Once centered, the star tracking system communicates directly with the motor drives to automatically assure your scope stays locked onto its target with arcsecond precision. The automated optical tracking system delivers long-exposure guiding with pinpoint stars on astro images despite atmospheric refraction, periodic mechanical errors, or misalignments. This level of accuracy is exclusive and unobtainable with other systems using software pointing models, high precision encoders, large gears or PEC training- all without the need of an external computer.

New f/8 Advanced Coma-Free Optical System: To achieve zero image-shift and two-speed microfocuser, Meade has completely redesigned the OTA's with a new focusing and mirror mounting system. The LX600 features faster f/8 ACF optics giving you pinpoint stars all the way across the field of view.

Internal Crayford-style 7:1 Focuser: Eliminating the need for a mirror lock and integrating a two-speed microfocuser for quick and easy adjustments, the redesigned mirror mounting system achieves zero image shift.

Alt/Az Mode: The LX600 makes for the best visual and short exposure experience in Alt/Az Mode and performs LightSwitch fully automated self-alignment. StarLock will track with arcsecond accuracy and put every target dead center in the eyepiece. This enables users to concentrate on the gorgeous, wide fields of pinpoint stars created by the outstanding f/8 ACF optical system.

Autostar II Controller: The Autostar II Controller gives you over 145,000 objects at your fingertips with the fastest GoTo performance available (8 degrees per second). The LX600 also gives you the option to control the system from an external computer.

Features Exclusive to the Meade 16" LX600 ACF

  • Filtered Cooling Fan: The optical tube on your 16" LX600 is equipped with a cooling fan and filtered exhaust vent to keep your telescope in thermal equilibrium.

  • Professional-Grade Fork Mount with 11" Gears: The massive 16" LX600 fork system, cast in one continuous piece from one declination housing to the other, includes a total of four 80mm roller bearings in declination (two in each housing) and two roller bearings right ascension (one each of 100mm and 150mm bearings in RA housing). With these bearings incorporated in the design of the 16" LX600, users are able to add substantial auxiliary equipment without running the risk with a strain on the mount. Yielding smooth, precision tracking and slewing required of a professional telescope is possible with the large, DC-servo motor-driven 11" worm gears on both axes.

Model Number1608-70-01N
Telescope Series Meade LX600
Telescope Optical Design Advanced Coma-Free
Telescope Aperture 16"
Telescope Focal Ratio f/8
Telescope Focal Length (mm) 3251
Optical Coatings UHTC
Includes Telescope Mount? Yes
Diagonal Included? Yes - 2" Star Diagonal
Telescope Eyepiece(s) Included? Yes - 1 Eyepiece Included
Finder Included? Yes - 8 x 50 Finder Included
Focuser Style Internal Moving Primary
Focuser Size Internal Focuser with 2" Rear Cell Adapter
Focuser Speed Dual Speed
Telescope Mount Type Alt-Azimuth
Objects in Telescope Database 145,000
Telescope Warranty Period 1 year

Based on Astronomy magazine’s telescope "report cards", scopes of this size and type generally perform as follows . . .
Terrestrial Observation:No
Lunar Observation:Very Good
Planetary Observation:Very Good
Binary and Star Cluster Observation:Very Good
Galaxy and Nebula Observation:Very Good
Terrestrial Photography:Yes
Lunar Photography:Yes
Planetary Photography:Yes
Star Cluster / Nebula / Galaxy Photography:Yes

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