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Olivon OT84EDO HD LENS Spotting Scope (Accessories Included)

Posted by Louis on 4/13/2012 to Spotting Scopes

Olivon T-84EDO features compact short scope tube, OHARA S-FPL53 glass, drop off coating(DOC), wide angle eyepiece 20-60x and magnesium alloys exterior finish.

The Olivon T84EDO spotting scope is high end spotting scope with an exceptional specification and robust build.

High resolution optics and full multi-coating of the lens produces clear, colour correct images so important for Bird watching. This version features twin element ED (Ohara S-FPL53 extra low dispersion) glass which reduces chromatic aberrations resulting sharper detail and colour correct appearance at the edges of objects. Having two ED elements gives this model a performance competitive with spotting scopes around the £1500+ mark

The Olivon range of scopes feature BAK4 prisms and full multicoating to ensure a brighter image throughout the range of magnifications by maximising light transmission. Efficient use of the light gathered is particularly important at high magnifications or when using smaller front lenses, as images appear darker.

The large magnification range offered makes it ideal for viewing scenery or long range observation. Suitable for star gazing and astronomy with it's large 84mm front lens which is excellent for light gathering.

Designed specifically for the outdoors the T-84EDO is fully waterproof with a Nitrogen filled body. This means that when transferring from wet conditions or extremes in temperature the optics will not fog internally. In keeping with it's high spec design the T84EDO also features drop off coating. This makes it perfect for bird watching as it can be used straight from its case with no fear of fogging. Fully multicoated optics provide excellent colour contrast which is especially important for bird watching. The body features a large focus wheel for easy adjustment and a 360 degree tripod sleeve to alter the scopes position.

This scope is supplied with case and caps. The scope can be fitted to any standard camera tripod but is best coupled to an Olivon tripod as it attaches directly with its quick release shoe giving greater stability.

The zoom eyepiece is removable and the scope body accepts 1.25" astro eyepieces (fov figures above apply to the 20-60x eyepiece supplied with the scope). The eye-cup twists down and is removable.

Even at full retail price this scope offers superb performance at an excellent price Dont miss out!

View a sample of video digiscoping with this scope here:

High performance ED glass:
Coating front lens:
Objective focal ength:
Objective Diameter:
Field Angle:
FoV @1000m/1000yds:
Exit Pupil Dia.:
Near Focus:
Relative Brightness:
Surface Treatment:
Zoom Eyepiece:
Soft carrying case:
Drop Off Coating (DOC)
2 1.1 degree
34mm/102 yds-19.2mm/57.6 yds
4.2 1.4mm
20 16mm
17.64 1.96
Fully Multi-Coated
Nitrogen-filled waterproof,
fog proof
8-24mm Wide angle
Quick release Shoe
Camera adaptable
360 degree tripod sleeve

INCLUDED: UDCH-60 Universal camera holder + UV Filter + T2 ring(NIKON & CANON) + Carrying Bag

Digiscopediary reviews

I've been in a privileged position to have the opportunity to use and test products from Optical Hardware and Olivon for over three years now, and if there was one product that I have looked forward to it's arrival most - it's this one.

I first heard about the Olivon T84-EDO about a year ago, and I can remember back than that it filled me with anticipation, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and see what it could do, I already owned a very highly quality Olivon scope - the T90ED - but the T84-EDO just sounded extra special.

And now after a few weeks of use - my excitement was totally justified....

This scope is a serious piece of optical equipment, designed for people who are serious about their hobby and want the best optics available. In terms of optical quality, it is comparable with any of the high-end spotting scopes from the top brands on the market - delivering outstanding colour rendition, image detail and excellent low light level performance, which can only be appreciated by using the scope.

This is now Olivon's flagship model, so it had to be good in order to supercede the superb T80/T90 ED scopes, it was obvious from the moment I unpacked it that some serious time, energy and thought had gone in to its development.

At an RRP of £1100, you would expect a very high specification scope, and that's exactly what you get; extremely high quality ED glass and full multi coated optics encased in a very tough, rugged, armored shell which is both waterproof and nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.

I love the ergonomic lines of this scope and subtle use of colour, it's very tactile with a quality feel. Like other high end brands It's no lightweight, but it is reassuringly solid.

The large focus wheel is very smooth and responsive, and great in winter conditions if you are wearing gloves.

Olivon have again shown their commitment to digiscoping with the T84-EDO, it can easily be connected to the Olivon universal camera adapter by simply un-screwing the eye-relief cap and attaching an adapter ring in it's place, the UDCA then slots over the top. There is also a dedicated range of adapters currently under development specifically designed for this scope which is exciting - check back soon for more details.

To sum up, it's hard to describe and appreciate how good a piece of optical equipment is without having looked through it yourself, my thoughts are, if you are considering investing in a top end spotting scope, then why not consider the Olivon T84-EDO - it's up there with the best of them.

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Olivon T-84EDO Spotting Scope


  • Quality feel well-built and rather stylish
  • Well-balanced, so extra weight no problem

  • Excellent at lower magnifications sharp, bright and wide

  • Focussing is very precise

  • Zoom makes short work of some long-distance ID tests

    Olivon are one of those optics brands that, over the years, have quietly built up a good reputation without any great fanfare. You frequently come across their binoculars and scopes being used out in the field, and their users have good things to say about them. So, the chance to try out their new, top-of-the-range ED scope was an opportunity not to be missed.

    First impressions last, they say, and this is a scope that scrubs up well, with a look that manages to be both streamlined and robust. I tested it with a 20x-60x zoom eyepiece, as zooms seem to have massively outstripped fixed magnification eyepieces in popularity over recent years. Ive talked before about my reservations about this, but its fair to say there are an increasing number of models out there that are tackling my preconceptions. I can add the T-84 EDO to that list. The image, at all magnifications, boasts a good natural colour and is impressively bright, the latter having been something that, in the past, zoom eyepieces sacrificed.

    The other trade-off comes where field of view is concerned. Its inevitably narrower on zoom eyepieces than on fixed, but here I never found it oppressively so, with the tunnel-effect that you sometimes find. Thats no doubt down to the ED glass, which helps ensure that the image is sharp right up to the edges. Even at the maximum magnification, 60x, this holds true. The eyepiece resolves to a sharp, crisp image, and although, as youd expect, that falls off to a certain extent towards the top end of the magnification range, its really not a problem. Throughout a day of watching waders and wildfowl at some really considerable distances, it again and again came up trumps. Theres little or no chromatic aberration (or colour fringing), even against strong sunlight. In low light, too, the ED glass really comes into its own, cutting through the gloom in impressive fashion.

    Focussing is excellent. It can take a bit of finesse to find it exactly, but once you do, its satisfyingly spot-on, and the mechanism makes searching for it a doddle, rather than a chore. Thats because movement of the helical focus wheel (just over fingers wide) is moderately stiff, but very smooth, and its easily gripped, even in cold conditions. It takes around 1.75 anti-clockwise turns from close focus to infinity. Close focus was good, too its increasingly important these days, when dragonflies and other insects come into the equation.

    The eyepiece itself is excellent, with the rubber-covered twist-up, twist-down eyecup comfortable in extended use. Although there are only two set positions (fully out and fully down), in practice I found that it stayed in position well at any spot in between. Theres a rotating collar, and one of my few reservations was that the locking nut on it looked a little fragile. Otherwise, as I mentioned earlier, build quality is excellent, with reassuring rubber armour.

    Weighed in the hand, it might feel a little on the heavy side, but in practice, I dont think youd notice, as its very well balanced. It came with a good stay-on case, and as youd expect its waterproof and nitrogen-filled. By unscrewing the eyecup on the eyepiece, you can attach Olivons own universal camera adapter ring.

    So, all things considered, the ED glass goes a long way towards allaying my reservations about zooms, providing good low-light performance, maintaining sharpness at all magnification levels, and making the most of the field of view. At £1,100, its not cheap, but thats a price that compares very well with the big boys, making this a major contender if youre looking for a quality, ED glass zoom. Try it for yourself.

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