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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini with Wi-Fi. Console App -  2018 Sky & Telescope awarded the Mini Star Adventurer by Skywatcher ( Top Seller)
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini with Wi-Fi. Console App

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini with Wi-Fi. Console App - 2018 Sky & Telescope awarded the Mini Star Adventurer by Skywatcher ( Top Seller)

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Your Price: CAD369.00
Usually ships in 2-3 business days, BD 312351 Star Adventurer Mini (Wi-Fi) Photo Set -$50
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31235 Star Adventurer mini for Terrestrial Photography
BD312351 Star Adventurer mini Photo Set for Terrestrial / Astrophotography [+CAD20.00]

Quick Overview

Camera mounts have taken a positive development in recent years. Thanks to the high demand for this very immediate method of astrophotography, manufacturers are always coming up with new innovations. Sky & Telescope awarded the Mini Star Adventurer by Skywatcher. This mount also creates its own WIFI, so it can be controlled via the app. This eliminates the need for a manual control box; control is done wirelessly – and thus vibration-free – and the clear graphic user interface can be used for adjusting your mobile device.

  • Ideal for wide-field photography, or lightweight celestial viewing (6.6lbs payload capacity)
  • Free SAM console app for total control of the Star Adventurer Mini (for iOS and Android)
  • Customizable speeds, including sidereal, solar and lunar
  • Polar finderscope with illuminator for easy alignment with Polaris
  • DSLR camera interface with automatic shutter control
  • V-style dovetail saddle, with ability to mount ball head for easier camera movement All metal gearing
  • Built in WiFi control
  • Compatible with all Star Adventurer accessories
  • 24 hours of continuous use with 2 AA batters; Can also be powered via 5V mini USB
  • Built in SNAP port for camera control
  • Ultra-light 1.5lbs body
  • LED lit polar alignment sight for fast general alignments
  • 1/4"-20 adapter and 3/8" thread panoramic plate

Product Details

Shoot the Milky Way like a Pro!

Meet Sky-Watcher's SAM  the Star Adventurer Mini. A user-friendly and multi-function mount to satisfy all your needs for nightscape and eclipse photography, astrophotography and time-lapse photography.

SAM is a high precision, portable and stable tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. It is small and light enough to easily fit into a camera bag or backpack, making it an ideal mount for the photographer on the move.

Whether you're looking for a tracking platform to capture wide-field images of the Milky Way, or seeking a compact travel mount, SAM is a necessity for astrophotographers of every skill level. This high precision, portable celestial tracking platform can transform almost any tripod into an equatorial mount, assisting photographers with long exposures of the night sky. SAM breaks from the mold of traditional equatorial mounts with an abundance of add on accessories to complement wide-field astrophotography, nightscape images or time-lapse photography.

A Mobile Platform

With the free SAM console app (for iOS and Android) you can customize your tracking speeds, photographers can choose between sidereal, solar and lunar, or other custom presets, useful for time-lapse videos. Even for users with no polar alignment experience, the Star Adventurer Mini is easy to setup using the included illuminated polar finderscope. Once aligned, users can attach their camera and activate sidereal tracking to start photographing the Milky way.

Easy Integration with Any Tripod

The declination assembly uses a specialized Vixen-style saddle plate for attaching cameras, tripod heads, or optical tubes. Attaching a ball head to this Vixen style plate provides most users with enough flexibility to slew around the sky freely while maintaining tracking. The Star Adventurer tracking platform can attach to a tripod using a 3/8"-16 thread and includes an adapter for 1/4"-20 thread sizes.

Automatic Shutter Release Control

No need for an intervalometer timer with the Star Adventurer! With a completely programmable shutter exposure settings, the Star Adventurer Mini can trigger a DSLR using the auxiliary shutter release cable. Once the camera is plugged into the mount and a shot is fired, it will continually shoot for the programed exposures until the cable is removed.

With a payload capacity of 3 kg (6.6 lbs), the Star Adventurer Mini is exceptional for nightscape photographers, traveling astronomers and anyone in need of a small tracking mount.

Customize your Setup

In addition to the Star Adventurer Mini mount, several add-on accessories are available. The Equatorial base allows this platform to polar align and track in the RA axis, turning a conventional photo tripod into an important astrophotography tool. Both axis also feature clutches, allowing users to aim the Star Adventurer without losing polar alignment. For users photographing nightscapes, the optional ball-head adapter provides more freedom to frame image, while delivering consistent tracking.

Product carries full 2 year manufacturer factory limited warranty (within US/Canada only).



Max. additional load capacity (kg) 3
Type Camera Mount

Special features

Pole finder yes ‚ (illuminated)


Weight (g) 650
Overall size LxWxH (cm) 7,6 x 7,0 x 10,3
Series Star Adventurer


Battery type Mignon (AA, LR6) ‚ (2 pieces)

Two ‚ options for our customers:
Star Adventurer mini (SKU# 31235)
includes ‚ Star Adventurer mini mount, ball head ‚ adapter, ‚ polarscope ‚ and ‚ polarscope ‚ illuminator
Star Adventurer mini Photo Set (SKU# BD 312351)
includes‚ Star Adventurer mini mount, ball head ‚ adapter‚  polarscope‚ polarscope‚ illuminator and EQ Wedge.‚ 

Optional shutter release cable


Compatible With

Canon (E3)
SKU: 92106

Any model compatible with E3-type remote control terminal. 
Canon EOS 100D, 300D/350D, 400D/450D, 500D/550D, 600D/650D, 700D, 60D/60Da, 70D

Canon (N3) 
SKU: 92100

Any model compatible with N3-type remote control terminal. 
Canon EOS 7D/6D/5D series, 1D series, 1V, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D,

Nikon (10-Pin)        
SKU: 92101

Any model compatible with 10-pin (MC-20, MC-22, MC-30, MC-36) remote terminal . 
Nikon D1/D2/D3/D4 series, D200/D300/D700/D800 series.

Nikon (DC1) 
SKU: 92102

Any model compatible with MC-DC1 remote terminal
For Nikon  D80, D70S,

Nikon (DC2) 
SKU: 92103

Any model compatible with MC-DC2 remote terminal
NIKON D90, D600, D3000/D5000 series, D7000

Olympus (UC1)

SKU: 92104

Any model with RM-UC1 remote terminal. 
OLYMPUS E-series (E620/550), PEN series (E-PL2/PL3), SP-series (SP 590/570) 

Sony (S1) 
SKU: 92105

Any model with S1-type remote terminal. 
SONY a100, a200, a300, a350, 450, a550, a560, a700, a850, a900

Minolta/Konica a-7 Digital, a Sweet 5, a807si, a-9, Damige 7Hi/7i,  a-7

Skywatcher Star Adventurer Mini (SAM) Review

Spinning SAM (Skywatcher Star Adventurer Mini Demo) from Phil Hart on Vimeo.

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