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Vixen Optics Advanced Polaris-M Mount (Item #39973)
Vixen Optics Advanced Polaris-M Mount (Item #39973)

Vixen Optics Advanced Polaris-M Mount (Item #39973)

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Part Number:39973

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Vixen's Advanced Polaris-M Motorized EQ Mount is an upgrade from the basic AP mount with the addition of a Right Ascension motor module and the Star Book One hand controller. The micro-stepper motor's full-circle brass wheel gear allows the mount to track over extremely long periods with little error for long-exposure astrophotography or prolonged observation of a single celestial object. While this mount configuration does not have full Go-To capabilities, once you Polar align the mount and manually navigate to your subject, the Star Book One controller will track it across the right ascension all night.

Use the included Star Book One hand controller to move the scope for navigating, and to track celestial objects. Since near and deep sky objects appear to move at different speeds, the controller features celestial, solar, lunar, and King's rate tracking speeds, in addition to slew speeds from 0.01x to 1000x. An integrated autoguider port adds to the mount's usability.

  • Motorized German equatorial
  • Payload capacity: 13.2 pounds, excluding counterweights
  • Altitude:
    • 0-65° adjustment
    • Tangent screw with handle
    • 1.9°/rotation
    • 59mm diameter, aluminum alloy axis shaft with friction stop
  • Azimuth:
    • ±6.5° fine adjustment
    • Twin adjustment screws with knobs
    • 1.4°/rotation
    • 59mm diameter, aluminum alloy axis shaft with friction stop
  • 7 stainless steel ball bearings
  • 8" long, 20mm diameter counterweight shaft
  • 2.2-pound (1kg) counterweight
  • Vixen-style dovetail saddle
  • Runs on four user-supplied AA batteries
Gears and Motors
  • Micro stepping (pulse) motor
  • Right ascension:
    • 144-tooth full circle wheel gear, 73.5mm diameter
    • 11mm brass worm gear
    • 144-tooth full circle wheel gear, 58.4mm diameter
    • 9.8mm brass worm gear
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Clutchless friction-stop
Star Book One
  • 2-line 8-chracter backlit display
  • Red backlit keypad
  • Independent screen and keypad dimming control
  • Integrated red LED light
    • Won't affect night-adjusted vision
    • Use to read or perform tasks
    • Adjustable brightness
  • ST-4 compatible integrated autoguider port
  • Multiple sidereal tracking speeds:
    • Celestial
    • Solar
    • Lunar
    • King's rate
  • Variable manual slewing speeds from 0.5x to 999x
  • Backlash compensation gives smoother rotation of the gears on the mount, especially when stopping or changing slew/tracking speeds
  • Periodic error correction (PEC) removes inaccuracies inherent in gears and allows for more accurate tracking, especially for long-exposure astrophotography
  • Selectable tracking for Northern or Southern hemisphere
  • Physical specification:
    • Powered by mount through connector port
    • Operating temperature: 32-104°F (0-40°C)
    • Dimensions: 5.4x2.5x1" (13.7x6.5x2.1cm)
    • Weight: 4 oz (110g), excluding cable

Vixen Optics 39973 specs

Mount Type German equatorial
Payload Capacity 13.2 lb / 6.0 kg
Motor Stepping (pulse) motor
GO-TO Capability No
Altitude / Latitude Adjustment Altitude: 0 - 65°
Latitude: ±6.5°
Polar Axis Scope None
Includes Tripod/Pier No
Power Source 4 x AA batteries
Counterweights 1 x 2.2 lb / 1.0 kg
Dimensions 12.2 x 10.8 x 3.8" / 31.0 x 27.4 x 9.6 cm
Weight 8.5 lb / 3.9 kg, excluding counterweights

In the Box
Vixen Optics Advanced Polaris-M Motorized EQ Mount with Star Book One
  • Star Book One Hand Controller
  • Star Book Cable
  • Counterweight Shaft
  • 2.2 lb Counterweight
  • 2 x Slow Motion Control Knob
  • Screwdriver
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Limited Five-Year Warranty

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