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Vixen Optics R200SS 8" / 200mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope OTA with Feather Touch Focuser
Vixen Optics R200SS 7.9"/200mm Reflector Telescope Optical Tube Assembly

Vixen Optics R200SS 8" / 200mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope OTA with Feather Touch Focuser

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The Vixen R200SS is a perfect answer for anyone seeking a high quality telescope which excels at both observing and imaging use. Manufactured in Japan to the strictest of standards, it is a dream come true for amateur astronomers & astrophotographers.

On the observation front, the R200SS boasts a large 8" aperture, with Vixen's proprietary coatings technology applied to this Newtonian telescope's mirrors. This telescope is entirely free of any distracting chromatic aberration (false color), and can be made to be free of coma (distortion inherent to Newtonian reflectors) with the optional #3746 Coma Corrector (or Tele Vue's Paracorr).

Combined with an 800mm focal length that's shorter than typical 8" catadioptric units, you have an incredibly-bright f/4 telescope that (by merely changing eyepieces) delivers wide star fields like 500mm refractors or dark deep sky phenomenas such as nebulae that are out of the reach of common 3-4" apochromatic refractors. Apochromatic refractors are great at photographing deep sky, but unless you've got beyond 100mm of aperture you won't be observing much in the eyepiece. This combination of skills arrives in a package which is (at 27.6" & <12 lbs for the optical tube assembly) considerably easier to transport and set up than conventional 7-8" catadioptric telescopes.

For astrophotography, the R200SS starts off with an enviable f/4 aperture that makes every exposure as short as can be expected. No matter how you wish to photograph-with a DSLR attached to the focuser, with a digital point and shoot gathering collimated light through the eyepiece, or perhaps with a dedicated C-mount lens CCD system camera-the R200SS is entirely suited to the task. The R200SS has a 60mm inner diameter focuser drawtube, allowing vignetting-free use of larger-class professional system cameras and a broad 2.6° x 1.7° field of view when used with a full-frame DSLR camera attached to the focuser. You can further enhance the imaging with the Vixen Direct Wide Photo Adapter, which attaches to the outside of a T-mount to allow an even more open and unrestricted optical path. Given its exceptional mirror, precision manufacturing, and wide unobstructed field of view, the R200SS is commonly regarded as the finest medium-size reflector telescope for astrophotography.

This optical tube assembly is delivered with a 7x50 finderscope with bracket, 232mm tube rings, dovetail plate and reducer rings for the 60mm drawtube to accept T-mounts and 1.25" eyepieces. Take advantage of the Vixen's 60mm focuser and fast aperture by using the optional #3725 60mm to 2" Adapter and a monster 30-40mm 2" eyepiece-you'll be astounded with bright, wide field viewing of galaxies and star clusters that would leave even professional astronomers impressed.

Note: Eyepiece not included.

Ultra-fast 800mm f/4 Newtonian reflector optical tube assembly with low secondary mirror obstruction
Combined wide field and deep sky viewing capacity
Extremely versatile astrophotography combination
Becomes 800mm f/4 supertelephoto lens when directly fitted with DSLR cameras upon focuser
Bright 7x50 6.8° finderscope
Made in Japan
Works with any Vixen equatorial mount and many other brands' mounts
Optical Design
Optical Lens Diameter
8.0" (200mm)
Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Maximum Useful Magnification
Resolving Power
Optical Coatings
Optical Tube Dimensions
9.1 x 27.6" (232 x 700mm) WxL
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter
2.4" (1.25" reducer adapter included)
7x50 6.8°
Optical tube assembly: 11.70 lb (5.3 kg)
OTA + finderscope/bracket/tube rings: 15.9 lbs (7.2 kg)

In the Box
Vixen Optics R200SS 7.9"/200mm Reflector Telescope Optical Tube Assembly
  • 7x50 Finderscope
  • 50mm SX Finder Bracket - Long
  • Finder Bracket Shoe
  • 60mm Ring with T-Thread Adapter
  • 42mm to 31.7mm Eyepiece Adapter
  • Tube Rings with 232mm Inner Diameter
  • Tube Ring Handle
  • Dovetail Tube Plate
  • 5-Year Warranty

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