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Athlon Cronus G2 UHD 20-60X86 Spotting Scope
Athlon Cronus G2 UHD 20-60X86 Spotting Scope

Athlon Cronus G2 UHD 20-60X86 Spotting Scope

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Product Highlights
  • Apochromatic lens system Helps in converging refracting colors into one focus point, producing greater contrast, sharpness, and color definition
  • UHD glass Gives you an advantage with an image that has little or no chromatic fringe for the clearest and sharpest image
  • ESP dielectric coating Reflects over 99% of the light to your eyes bringing you a clear, bright image and accurate color reproduction
  • Magnesium chassis and BAK4 prisms
  • Argon purged and waterproof

Introducing the Athlon Optics Cronus G2 20-60x86mm UHD Angled Spotting Scope, a pinnacle of optical excellence designed to elevate your viewing experience to new heights.

The cutting-edge spotting scope boasts a precision-engineered single focus wheel, allowing for seamless adjustments to achieve unparalleled sharpness in every detail.

Its advanced optics provide unrivaled color fidelity, crystal-clear clarity, and exceptional light transmission, outperforming even its closest counterparts in the Athlon Optics lineup.

Meticulously crafted, this spotting scope sets a new standard in optical excellence, ensuring a viewing experience that surpasses all expectations.

Whether your pursuit involves tracking elusive game hidden along a dimly lit tree line or pinpointing elusive bird species concealed within the depths of densely wooded landscapes, the Cronus G2's exceptional contrast enhancement capabilities shine brilliantly.

It effortlessly separates your subject from its background with unparalleled precision.


  • 20-60x Magnification: The Athlon Optics Cronus G2 Spotting Scope offers versatile zoom capabilities, allowing users to effortlessly adjust magnification levels from 20x to 60x, providing crystal-clear images even at extreme distances.
  • 86mm Objective Lens: With its large 86mm objective lens, this spotting scope maximizes light gathering capabilities, ensuring optimal brightness and clarity in low-light conditions or during dawn and dusk observations.
  • Apochromatic Lens System: The Cronus G2 features an Apochromatic Lens System, designed to eliminate chromatic aberration, providing images with true color reproduction and enhanced contrast, resulting in impeccable optical performance.
  • UHD Glass: Equipped with Ultra High Definition (UHD) glass, the spotting scope delivers exceptional resolution, sharpness, and color accuracy, allowing users to discern even the finest details with impeccable clarity.
  • XPL Protective Coating: The external lenses of the Cronus G2 are protected by a specialized XPL coating, which repels water, oil, dirt, and scratches, ensuring clear and unobstructed views even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Lenses: The fully multi-coated lenses optimize light transmission, minimizing glare and maximizing contrast, resulting in vivid and lifelike images across the entire magnification range.
  • ESP Dielectric Coating: The spotting scope boasts an ESP Dielectric Coating on its prism surface, which enhances light reflectivity for superior brightness and color fidelity, particularly in low-light situations.
  • Magnesium Chassis: Constructed with a lightweight and durable magnesium chassis, the Cronus G2 is designed to withstand rugged outdoor use while maintaining portability for ease of transport.
  • BAK4 Prisms: The spotting scope features BAK4 prisms, renowned for their high refractive index and minimal light dispersion, contributing to bright, clear, and sharp images.
  • Waterproof: Engineered to be fully waterproof, the Cronus G2 is sealed to withstand immersion in water, ensuring reliable performance even in wet and rainy conditions.
  • Argon Purged: Argon gas purging prevents internal fogging and safeguards the internal components against corrosion, making the spotting scope suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Rotating Ring: The spotting scope incorporates a rotating ring for easy and precise adjustments of the viewing angle, allowing users to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Twist Up Eyecup: The eyecup is designed with a twist-up mechanism, accommodating users with or without eyeglasses, ensuring comfortable and customized viewing experiences.
  • Tripod Adaptable: The spotting scope is equipped with a tripod mount, providing stability for extended viewing sessions, making it an excellent choice for birdwatching, wildlife observation, and long-range target shooting.

In the Box
  • Athlon Cronus 20-60x86mm Angled Spotting Scope Case
  • Lens Cloth
  • Instruction manual
  • Athlon Lifetime Warranty

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