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Celestron Advanced VX 800 200mm f/2.0 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph GoTo EQ Telescope
Celestron Advanced VX 800 200mm f/2.0 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph GoTo EQ Telescope

Celestron Advanced VX 800 200mm f/2.0 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph GoTo EQ Telescope

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Power Supplies
18769 Car Battery Adapter [+CAD59.00]
18778 AC Adapter – (computerized except CGEM, CGX) [+CAD59.00]
18774 PowerTank, 12v 7Ah - Compatible Advanced VX, Astro Fi NexStar Evolution NexStar GT, NexStar SLT, NexStar SE Series LCM serie, SkyProdigy [+CAD139.00]
18768 PowerTank Lithium Pro - Compatible Advanced VX, CGX-L Astro Fi CPC, CPC DX CG-5, NexStar Evolution CGE, NexStar GT CGE Pro, NexStar SE Series CGEM II NexStar SLT CGEM, CGEM DX,SkyProdigy LCser [+CAD349.00]
18771 PowerTank Lithium - Compatible Advanced VX, Astro Fi NexStar Evolution NexStar GT NexStar SLT NexStar SE Series LCM series SkyProdigy [+CAD259.00]
18763 PowerTank Lithium LT - Compatible Advanced VX, Astro Fi NexStar Evolution NexStar GT, NexStar SLT, NexStar SE Series LCM series, SkyProdigy [+CAD169.00]
18777 PowerTank 17, 12v 17Ah - Compatible Advanced VX, CGX-L Astro Fi, CPC, CPC DX CG-5 , NexStar Evolution CGE, NexStar GT CGE Pro, NexStar SE Series CGEM II, NexStar SLT CGEM, CGEM DX, SkyProdigy L [+CAD259.00]
18780 AC Adapter - 5 Amp (CGEM, CGE, CGX, CGX-L) [+CAD149.00]
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Product Highlights
  • Patented Design Optimized for Imaging
  • 400mm Focal Length/ f/2.0 Focal Ratio
  • StarBright XLT Optical Coating System
  • 4-Element Rare-Earth Optical Glass

With the Advanced VX 800 200mm f/2.0 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph GoTo EQ Telescope, Celestron combines their purpose-built and patented catadioptric astrograph with a solid and stable motorized computer-controlled GoTo mount to give you a complete imaging rig that will allow you to capture stunning images of everything from the marias of the moon to wispy nebulae. This telescope includes a fast 8" RASA optical tube, the Advanced VX mount, a sturdy 2" stainless steel tripod, and an array of basic accessories. All you need is a camera or imaging rig and a dark sky to point it all at.

Celestron 8" f/2.0 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (OTA Only)

The Celestron 8" f/2.0 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) is specifically designed for astrophotography and astro-imaging with a large aperture and fast focal ratio. Using four-element rare-earth optical glass lenses ensures accurate color rendition and eliminates aberrations such as coma and field curvatures. The improved StarBright XLT multi-coating system, which includes anti-reflection coatings on the lenses and highly reflective coatings on the mirrors, increases light transmission throughout the entire optical path. An integrated fan reduces cooldown time and provides optimal airflow through the optical tube assembly (OTA) while filtering harmful dust from the interior.

The astrograph design is defined by its fast focal ratio, which reduces exposure times without sacrificing image quality and gives you more time for multiple shots of the same object for layering or with different filters. Its internal Ultra-Stable focusing mechanism enables very precise focusing to clearly resolve topographic details on the Moon or split double stars and reveal details of most other celestial objects in between, while minimizing unwanted lateral movement of the primary mirror when focusing or slewing. Since this OTA is designed as an imaging scope, a 42mm camera T-adapter and C-mount imager adapter are included that are compatible with most camera-specific T-rings that are widely available.

Optical Performance
  • 203mm (8") diameter aperture enables near- and deep-sky viewing without being prohibitively large or heavy for easy transport to viewing locations
  • 400mm focal length helps to produce a fast focal ratio
  • Fast f/2.0 focal ratio requires significantly lower exposure times versus slower ratios to produce the same results
  • Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt astrograph (RASA) design is purpose built for astrophotography and imaging performance, and is not recommended for visual use
  • Proprietary StarBright XLT fully multi-coated optical system
  • Four-element rare-earth glass for true color rendition without aberrations across the entire field of view
  • Wide 390-800nm spectral range improves images of deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae
  • Image circle: 22mm (0.86")
  • Resolution: 0.68 arcsec (Rayleigh), 0.57 arcsec (Dawes)
  • Back focus: 25mm (0.98") with included camera adapter, 29mm (1.14") from top of threaded collar
  • Optical window can be removed and replaced with optional filters such as a light pollution filter
  • Integrated cooling fan brings optical system to ambient air temperature for better performance
  • Runs on eight user-supplied AA batteries or optional 12VDC power adapter

StarBright XLT Coating System

  • Multi-layer mirror coatings made from layers of aluminum, SiO2 (silicon dioxide), and TiO2 (titanium dioxide)
  • Reflectivity is flat across the light spectrum, for both astrophotography/astro-imaging
  • Multi-layer anti-reflective coatings made from layers of MgF2 (magnesium fluoride) and HfO2 (hafnium dioxide)
  • High-transmission water white glass corrector lens with 97.4% light transmission


  • Focusing system moves primary mirror forward and back to achieve tack-sharp images
  • Ultra-stable design minimizes unwanted lateral movement of the primary mirror when focusing or slewing
  • Fine adjustments for precise focusing, approximately 30 turns of the knob runs through the focus range


  • OTA only, mount and tripod required for proper use
  • Includes large CGE/Losmandy-D dovetail plate for use on larger more stable mount heads
  • Weight: 17 pounds

Included Accessories

  • Standard M42 camera T-adapter accepts most camera-specific T-rings to directly mount DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • CCTV/Imager C-thread adapter accepts most camera-specific video T-rings to mount imaging and video cameras
  • Battery pack takes eight user-supplied AA batteries to power the integrated cooling fan

Celestron Advanced VX GoTo German Equatorial Mount

Engineered and optimized for astrophotography with mid-sized optical tube assemblies (OTAs), the Celestron Advanced VX GoTo German Equatorial Mount delivers the performance required for clear images through the use of dual-axis low-cog DC servo motors and backlash compensation. Added to this are encoders on the motors and Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC), which help to improve positioning and tracking precision and ensure your target object stays centered for long-exposure photography techniques. Supporting the mount is a large 2" stainless steel tripod that has a wide stance for stability on most terrain and a center tray that holds 1.25" and 2" eyepieces and accessories and acts as a leg lock to further stabilize while helping to minimize vibrations.

The brain of the system is the NexStar+ computer controller, which is equipped with a database of over 40,000 objects, including the planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and the complete Messier catalog; it can also be programmed with up 100 custom user-defined objects with filters to create custom object lists. Its intuitive menu-driven user interface makes observing the heavens fast and easy; features such as guided tours, extended information on 200 popular objects, and multiple alignment options make the NexStar+ controller an invaluable tool to new users and experienced stargazers alike.

Advanced VX Mount
  • 30-pound payload capacity
  • Dual-axis low-cog DC servo motors
  • Dual motor encoders improve tracking and location accuracy with reduced vibrations
  • 7-77° latitude range
  • Uninterrupted tracking below meridian to enable observation from a raised location such as a balcony or hilltop
  • Integrated 12" counterweight bar with one 12-pound counterweight
  • Vixen-style CG-5 dovetail saddle

NexStar+ Hand Controller
  • 40,000+ object database
  • 100 user-defined programmable celestial or terrestrial objects
  • Enhanced information on over 200 objects
  • Nine slew speeds: 4°/sec, 2°/sec, 1°/sec, 0.3°/sec, 32x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x
  • Three tracking rates: Sidereal, Solar, Lunar
  • Multiple alignment procedures: Two-star, One-star, Solar system, Quick-align, Last-align
  • Sky Tour Mode: System seeks out the best objects for the date and time and automatically slews to them
  • Identify Mode: Use to identify an unknown object in the field of view, or to find other celestial objects that are close to where the user is viewing
  • Anti-backlash compensation: Trains out the intrinsic play between gears for more precise slewing and tracking
  • Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC): System learns its internal tracking errors and improves over time for more precise tracking, requiring fewer corrections
  • Built-in instructions guide you through the alignment procedures
  • 4-line, 18-character LCD display with a 19-button fiber-optic backlit LED keypad
  • RS-232 comm port
  • Supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • Database details:
  • Solar system: Seven planets, Moon, Sun, and Pluto
  • Custom lists of all the brightest stars, double stars, variable stars, and asterisms
  • Custom lists of galaxies, nebulae, and clusters, as well as the complete Messier catalog and select NGC objects


  • Tubular stainless steel legs
  • 2" leg diameter
  • 44-64" height-adjustment range
  • Center tray holds 1.25 and 2" eyepieces and locks legs in place for greater stability and vibration reduction
  • Removable hand controller holder can be moved to avoid cord wrap during long observation sessions
  • Weight: 18 pounds


Optical DesignRowe-Ackermann Schmidt
Aperture8.0" / 203mm
Focal Length400mm
Focal Ratiof/2.0
Back FocusWith included camera adapter: 0.98" / 25mm
From top of threaded collar: 1.14" / 29mm
Eyepiece Barrel DiameterN/A
Mount TypeLosmandy-D/CGE dovetail plate
Power Requirement8 x AA batteries
12VDC, 100mA power adapter
DimensionsLength: 24.7" / 62.8 cm
Diameter: 9.3" / 23.5 cm
Weight17.0 lb / 7.7 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight24.185 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)30.6 x 14.8 x 14.6"

GoTo German Equatorial Mount Specs

Mount TypeGerman Equatorial
GoTo CapabilityYes, NexStar+
Payload Capacity30 lb / 13.6 kg
MotorDual Axis
Tracking RatesLunar, Sidereal, Solar
Altitude Adjustment7 to 77°
Latitude Adjustment7 to 77°
Counterweight1 x 12.0 lb / 5.4 kg
Polar Axis ScopeNone
Height Adjustment Range44 to 64" / 111.8 to 162.6 cm
Leg Diameter2" / 5.1 cm
Leg Sections2
MaterialsStainless Steel
Adapter12 VDC (Included)
Mounting SystemVixen Style
DimensionsNot Specified by Manufacturer
Weight18 lb / 8.2 kg (Tripod)
17 lb / 7.7 kg (Mount)
Packaging Info
Package Weight60.1 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)38 x 26 x 12"

In the Box

    • 42mm Camera T-Adapter
    • C-Thread Imaging Adapter
    • Fan Battery Pack
    • Limited 2-Year Warranty
    • Stainless Steel Tripod with Tray
    • Counterweight Bar
    • 12 lb Counterweight
    • Hand Controller Holder
    • NexStar+ Hand Controller
    • 12 VDC Car/Vehicle Power Cord
    • Declination Motor Cable
    • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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