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The Best 308 Shooting Practices and Tips

Posted by Tinh Nguyen on 10/17/2019 to Riflescopes
The Best 308 Shooting Practices and Tips

When you talk about the rifle respected by everyone, one that is highly valued both for hunters and those shooting, the 308 guns always top the list. Gun enthusiasts all around the world are rooting for this gun, as it carries what they desire. When it comes to accuracy and ease of shooting, the 308 is a clear favorite among shooters, and it keeps changing the market.

In this article, we deliver the essential 308 rifle shooting tips that will make shooting accurately more possible. This guide will also help you improve your skills on this rifle, and understand the working principle of the gun.

The 308 Boundaries

Talking about guns within the range of 300 to 100 yards, the 308 guns rank high on this list, it is often referred to as one of the best guns in the market. Above this set limit, the chances are high that its performance, adeptness, and accuracy drops. Hence, understanding the limitations of this gun will save both your time and effort and will prevent you from regretting the choice of buying this rifle.

It is important to note that 308 guns are perfect for use only in the minimum distance. Even at that, this gun is still a gift all hunter and shooter will appreciate. It’s a gun they will hope to have as it produced an exceptional result when needed.  

Granted, everyone will love this gun, but they need to first have a clear purpose for buying this rifle. If not, they might end up wasting their money, or come to hate the gun after buying.

This guide will advance your 308 Shooting, and help you have better shooting experience.

Breathing and On-Point Positioning

What makes a hunting experience successful? Accurate positioning of the body, and breathing. This fact should always be remembered, but many shooters still fail to pay attention to it. 

For many shooters, they are more concerned about technicalities, which often include the brand of the rifle, quality of rifle, frequency of cleaning, and the proper ways to use, etc. Sadly, even if all these are right, they can quickly become useless and less important if the shooter is not well-positioned, or breathing in the right way.

Here are some tips that will help you know the proper way to position yourself when with a rifle, and ways to breath;

·       Arms, shoulders, and other body parts must stay even; your whole body should be relaxed.

·       The leg positioning on the side of your main shooting hand should be toward the tail part of the shooter. And there should be a reasonable gap between the feet.

·       Offer forward support for your upper body.

Ensure Scope is Parallel and Adjusted Effectively

Every shooter will want to make use of the best available scope, yet it can easily switch places and become either less valuable or useless if the shooter does not have the correct knowledge and training on how to either adjust the scope, or how to use the scope for effective coordination, and spot-on positioning of both target and gun.

Here are some tips to help you properly adjust your scope;

1.     Both the front and the back scope should be in a parallel position; they should be leveled to each other while you are holding the rifle at the length of your arm.

You should also aim at the target at the point you want to hit them with your bullets.

Make Friends with your Rifle

For all your hunting trips, your rifle is one weapon designed to serve and always to accompany you. As such, you need to form a close bond with this rifle if you will get the best out of the gun. This will make it possible for you to know the gun’s potentials and limitations.

Surveying the whole weapon will be possible only if you know its body parts, and how each one will or should be used. This will also help you know when an important part needs fixing, or when it should be readjusted before hitting your hunting spot. That is the only way to avoid accidents and mistakes while hunting.

This attitude will keep you safe and also protect the people around you ensuring that your gun is handled in the best way and safe. One way to do this is by cleaning the gun yourself and familiarizing yourself with the body parts. Do you know that dismantling and coupling it back will help you get to know more about the rifle?

Keep Practicing the Right Way

Practice they said makes perfect. So, keep practicing, do it repeatedly, change the environment, doing these will make help you be well-adjusted, and know more about your environment and things that may happen when on the hunting field.

Training yourself to shoot in different environments and under varying circumstances will afford you the opportunity to know your highs and lows. This will help you identify areas that need improvements and habits you should get rid of while shooting.

When you practice the smart way, you will end up saving more time and energy. This will also help you reach your full potential. Remember, even after repeatedly practicing, if you make use of the bad shooting habit, you’re still bound to fail. Hence, practicing should be according to the rule, the SMART way, and improve from time to time.

Choosing the Best Scope for 308 Rifle

There are several things you should think about when buying a scope for your 308 rifles. Being one of the most popular guns in the market, 308 is very accurate when shooting. So, it is best to create a list of reasons behind your choice of 308 rifles. I recommend you read this expert post for choosing scope for .308 from

You may need to think about the form of shooting you will be engaged in, be focused on one key factor, distance. 308 rifles are built to cover a lot of distance. Hence scope selected should be able to work long distances too. You should get a clear view at 300, 400, or 500 yards away.

While searching, you need to remember that the best scope for your 308 rifles is the scope that will, at long distance, give you a more unobstructed view.

It is also important to pay close attention to the way the scope is designed. It is best if it features solid construction, good sealing tube, and scratch-resistant lenses. The best ones are expected to be gas-filled, either nitrogen or argon. They should also be able to prevent lens fogging.

This will add to the durability of the scope, as the interior will become well protected. Go for a scope that is shock-resistant, and ensure they are made from the best and high-quality material.

Another factor to consider is clarity; it will help you pick the right scope for your rifle. When a scope has even slight distortion at a long distance, you should not think of using it at all. The scope you are choosing should be able to deliver a clear image of the target either when the light is bright or low.

You need to think about balance, too, especially when using high-quality scopes. They might be heavier, same way with long-distance scopes.

If you need to struggle before using a scope, it is not the best option for you. You should be able to either reduce or increase the magnification without much stress. You should only spend little time getting your scope ready. And finally, it should be easy to use for sighting your target.

You should search for a good reticle. This will help you have a clear focus on the target. Without straining your eye, you should be able to make use of your scope. When using a scope, you should focus on how comfortable you are with the scope. Make the necessary adjustments to help you stay more comfortable with the cope. If you keep having a hard time tracking your target, then the scope you are using is of no good.


In this article, we have delivered important information that will help you improve your knowledge of shooting and skills when using the 308 rifles. It is to your best interest if you ponder over these points, and use the details to your best advantage. Apply these tips whenever you are practicing. This article, unlike the popular idea of focusing on the technicalities of the rifles by shooting enthusiasts, focuses on the factors that have an impact on your accuracy and how efficient you are while shooting. The factors that are within your control.

If you are buried in the old idea of doing it the wrong way, ditch those ideas, start all over again and improve your skills with these ideas. The new tips and knowledge delivered in this article will make every hunting session a successful one. When you digest and use the information delivered here, you are bound to become a better shooter. You will be more productive and deliver satisfying results at all times. So, read these tips, digest them, hit the hunting field, and get the best result ever. 



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