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Meade LX850 GoTo EQ Mount with StarLock Autoguider
Meade LX850 GoTo EQ Mount with StarLock Autoguider

Meade LX850 GoTo EQ Mount with StarLock Autoguider

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Meade Instrument's LX850 GoTo EQ Mount with StarLock Autoguider delivers near research-grade performance for advanced amateur astronomers who require precision tracking and autoguiding for long-term observation and long-exposure astrophotography. This rig starts with the motorized German equatorial mount made of steel and anodized 6061 aluminum that employs DC servo stepper motors on both axes to precisely track objects with virtually no vibrations. With a payload capacity of up to 90lb, the mount can easily handle large OTAs with accessories like photo or imaging cameras, filter wheels, or electric focusers. Adding to the mount's versatility is a unique saddle system that can be converted from Vixen to Losmandy styles to accept most user-supplied OTAs.

The brain of the LX850 is the AutoStar II computer controller. This hand held unit is a 144,000+ database with multiple alignment procedures, nine slew speeds, automatic and manual tracking rates and the ability (when properly aligned) to identify objects that the user directs their telescope to. The database also has an index of events such as sunrise/sunset, Moon phases, meteor showers, lunar and solar eclipses, plus the Autumnal/Vernal equinoxes and winter/summer solstices. Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) and anti-backlash compensation are also programmed through the controller for increased tracking precision. Complementing the AutoStar is the StarLock system. This 80mm refractor is equipped with wide and narrow imaging cameras that read the star field and communicates directly with the controller for improved GoTo, alignment and tracking to a precision of as much as 0.1 arc second.

Supporting the mount, StarLock, and the user's OTA is a heavy-duty stainless steel tripod. Its over-sized 3" legs provide a solid observational platform with an adjustable height from 29-45". A spreader bar and tension knob lock the legs for increased strength and stability, and anti-vibration pads are included for each of the three legs to stand on for virtual vibration-free viewing.

  • Motorized German equatorial mount
  • Payload capacity: 90lb (40.8kg)
  • OTA mounting system: Dual Vixen and Losmandy-style dovetail saddles
  • Latitude range: 10-70°
  • Smart Mount: Allows the mount to identify and correct systematic pointing errors
  • Internal GPS receiver
  • RA and DEC 'home' position sensors
  • Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel
  • Internal cabling reduces snag hazards that can damage wires and mount
  • Internal clock
  • Counterweight shaft: 1.75" diameter, 12" long threaded stainless-steel
  • Counterweight: 26 lb (11.8kg)
  • Mount body weight: 60 lb (27.2kg)
  • Gears and motors:
    • Dual-axis DC servo motors with encoders
    • RA & DEC main gear: Aluminum, 5.8" (14.7cm) under cut / 225 tooth
    • RA & DEC worm gear: 0.68" (17.3mm) diameter machined brass
  • Control Panel:
    • 12 VDC In
    • 12 VDC Out
    • Power
    • Focuser
    • Reticle
    • Handbox port
    • One RS232 computer connection port
    • One StarLock port
    • One Aux guide port
  • Provides automatic target acquisition and guiding
  • 80mm f/5 refractor with integrated imaging system
  • Requires no calibration, no user focusing or guide star selection
  • Provides computer-assisted polar alignment using the drift method for extreme precision
  • Wide-field camera:
    • 25mm x 26mm
    • f/1.04 optic
    • 1/2 inch format sensor
    • Field of view: 14.72 x 11.78°
  • Narrow-field camera:
    • 80mm x 400mm
    • f/5 optic
    • 1/2 inch format sensor
    • Field of view: 57.2 x 45.8 arc min / 2.68 arc sec/pixel
  • Pointing: ± 1 arc min
  • Guiding: ±1 arc second, up to 4 second correction update rate depending on star magnitude. Faintest guide star 11th mag
  • Alignment: Semi-automatic drift align procedure for ultra-precise polar alignment
  • Power supply: 12v DC 5A
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)
AutoStar II Hand Controller
  • Interfaces directly with StarLock system for improved accuracy of entire system
  • Intuitive user-friendly menu-driven system
  • 144,000+ object database
  • Customized user-defined objects
  • "Identify" feature allows users to go to an object and the AutoStar will display what it is
  • Event menu provides access to dates and times of astronomical events
    • Sunrise, Sun Transit, and Sunset
    • Moonrise, Moon Transit, and Moonset
    • Moon Phases
    • Meteor Showers
    • Lunar and Solar Eclipse
    • Minimum of Algol
    • Autumn and Vernal Equinox
    • Winter and Summer Solstice
  • Double line, 16 character LCD; 20 backlit LED buttons
  • Slew speed: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x sidereal and 0.25°/sec, 0.5°/sec, 1°/sec, and 3°/sec
  • Tracking rates: .01x - 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 1/4°, 1/2°, 1°, 3°, Sidereal, Lunar, 2000 custom-selected rates
  • Tracking modes: Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • Alignment procedures: 2-Star Align, 1 Star Polar Align, StarLock assisted drift align, Easy Alignment and Align on Home
  • Tracking distance past meridian: 20°
  • Smart Drive: Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) enables users to program out inherent tracking inaccuracies for higher precision over long time periods
  • Anti-backlash compensation: Program out backlash inherent in all gear systems
  • Update firmware via Internet download directly to controller
  • Included catalogs:
    • Index catalog: 5,386
    • NGC catalog: 7,840
    • Partial Caldwell catalog: (109
    • Messier catalog: 110
    • Earth orbiting satellites: 26
    • Planets: 9
    • Uppsala galaxy catalog: 12,940
    • Morphological catalog of galaxies: 12,939
    • General catalog of variable stars: 29,364
    • SAO and Hipparcos star catalogs: 42,277
    • Draper star catalog: 21,160
    • Yale bright star catalog: 8,977
    • Large Bright Quasars Survey: 1,055
    • Named objects: 4,313
    • Herschel catalog: 400
    • Abell catalog of galaxy clusters: 2,712
    • Arp catalog of irregular galaxies: 635
    • Lunar features: 1,754
    • Asteroids and comets: 120
    • Constellations: 88
    • Solar/Lunar eclipses, meteor showers: 492
  • Folding adjustable height
  • 3" diameter aluminum legs
  • Height adjustable from 29-45"
  • Spreader bar to rigidly hold legs open
  • Tension knob locks spreader against legs for reduced vibrations and increased steadiness
  • Includes anti-vibration pads to further reduce vibrations for steadier images
  • Weight: 36 lb

Mount Type German Equatorial
Load Capacity 90.0 lb / 40.8 kg
Motor Dual-axis DC servo motors with encoders
GO-TO Capability AutoStar II GoTo hand controller
Latitude Range 10 - 70°
Polar Axis Scope None
GPS Built-in
Mounting Dual Vixen and Losmandy-style saddle
Includes Tripod/Pier Folding adjustable height tripod
3.0" / 7.6 cm diameter aluminum legs
Adjustable-height from 29.0 - 4.05" / 73.7 - 114.3
Weight: 36 lb / 16.3 kg
Power Source 12 VDC
Weight Starlock: 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)

Meade LX850 GoTo EQ Mount with StarLock Autoguider
  • StarLock Optical Tube and Sensor Assembly
  • 26 lb Stainless Steel Counterweight for LX850 Telescope
  • Counterweight Shaft with Safety Nut
  • LX850 Field Tripod
  • Autostar II Hand Controller
  • StarLock Cable
  • StarLock Counterweight
  • Custom Utility Tool
  • 5/16" Hex Head Wrench
  • DVD with AutoStar Suite and Software
  • #507 Connecting Cable with USB Adapter
  • Internal Cable Fish Tool
  • 3 x Anti-Vibration Pad
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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